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Group Details

Group Structure

Where: Rayburn Elementary - 7000 N Main St, McAllen, TX 78504

Who: Students 1st Grade to 8th grade

When: Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5pm

Spring 2024 Dates:

Session 1: CANCELLED

Session 2: Week of March 18th to week of April 22nd (6 weeks)


$100 for 1 six week session

Discount Codes

Teachers Only Save 50% - TEACHER

Active or Retired Military Save 50% - MILITARY

Biking Club Structure: All non-beginner biking clubs will be for students 1st to 8th grade who can bike independently and confidently. Groups will start off on the campus they are at and will work on skills there before venturing off campus for quiet roads and bike lanes. Mountain bikes are suggested as well as having a Camelbak or water bottle cage.

Participants will need to come with their own bikes and make sure they have air, check the brakes, and make sure chain is on and well oiled.  We will first start with practice around the campus and school field area. We will go over the rules of biking in a group and on the roads, review safety hand signals, practice turning and moving as a group, and make sure members are confident of these skills. As the group progresses, bikers will go on sidewalks and quiet, less busy streets to local parks to practice these skills. 

Our mission is to teach kiddos to love running and biking as well as the proper form and technique in order to be life long athletes.

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