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McAllen Youth Fitness' focus is to improve biking skills as well as improve endurance and the participant's overall fitness. Bikers will become familiar with bicycle safety, learn the rules of the road, learn to utilize their gears, and will gain strength in their biking ability. Further, participants will likely see improvements in self-image, confidence, attitude, social-interpersonal- relationship-skills, as well as ability to focus on tasks and schoolwork.



Biking Club Structure: All non-beginner biking clubs will be for students 1st to 8th grade who can bike independently and confidently. Groups will start off on the campus they are at and will work on skills there before venturing off campus for quiet roads and bike lanes. Mountain bikes are suggested as well as having a Camelbak or water bottle cage.

Beginner Biking Group: Pre-K to 3rd graders who are just learning to ride a bike independently. This is also a great group for new riders learning the rules of the road!

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